Rating: R

Year: 2007

Run time: 1h 53m

Rotten Tomatoes: 51%

Audience Score: 56% 

Published Nov. 26, 2019

30 Days Of Night is based off of the comic book miniseries of the same name. The director, David Slade, gives us blood and gore.

The movie takes place in Barrow, Alaska. The movie specifically says, "Barrow, Alaska - northernmost town in the U.S. Isolated in 80 miles of roadless wilderness. Cut off every winter for 30 days of night." This is how the movie starts. Barrow, Alaska is a real place and is also really the northernmost city in the U.S. It's also true that there are no main roads leading to Barrow, in fact, it's almost impossible to get there in a car. There are only two ways in, you could take a boat when the ice melts in the summer, or you can take a plane there. The problem with the plane is that it rarely leaves. The only thing wrong here is that Barrow doesn't have 30 days of night, it has around 67.

The movie starts out following the young sheriff of the town, Eben Oleson, played by Josh Hartnett, on the last day of light. Nothing really interesting happens at this point. When the sun sets, one man starts acting very strange in a diner, so the sheriff takes him into the police station and keeps the man there. 

Later, some people start getting murdered. It seems that they are all killed by vampires. After a week, almost everyone is dead except the sheriff and a few other survivors. That's all that will be said without spoilers. 


Many critics say that this movie is very creepy. The problem about that is, if you are a horror fan, the movie won't be creepy. This is more for daring your friends who are scared of horror movies. 

The good thing about this movie is that the designers did a great job with the blood and fire, it actually looks real compared to the blood in 300 (2007) and the fire in Knowing (2009). 

Recommended to anyone who likes violent monster movies.  

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