Published Nov. 25, 2019

Rating: R

Year: 2007

Run time: 1h 57m


Rotten Tomatoes: 60%

Audience Score: 89%

Directed by Zack Snyder, 300 came out in 2007. It was based off of the graphic novel "300" by Frank Miller. 

In an interview with Zack Snyder, he claimed that he was a big Frank Miller fan and that he loved his graphic novel, 300 Him and his producer, Gianni Nunnari, was discussing what movies they could do when Snyder saw 300 on Nunnari's desk. Snyder pointed to it and said, "You know what would be a cool movie? 300 would be a cool movie." Nunnari called Frank Miller and they made it happen. 

When he was asked the question, "The original comic book is 88 pages, how do you put 88 pages into almost two hours of screen time?" Snyder's first response was, "Well, there's a lot of fighting in the movie...then we added a secondary story with the queen back home in Sparta."

The movie starts out in Sparta where we see young Leonidas being trained at an early age. He was trained into violence and learned how to fight. He was always told to never retreat or surrender. We also see that the narrator is a Spartan soldier.

When young Leonidas turned to King Leonidas, played by Gerard Butler, he had a son and a wife who was the queen. One day, a Persian messenger comes to Sparta to talk to Leonidas, his message is, "Earth and water." That's it. The messenger goes more in depth about this message saying that Persia's king, Xerxes, wants earth and water from Sparta as a token of Sparta's submission to him. A few minutes later King Leonidas gets angry with the messenger and says the famous line, "This is Sparta!" Then, he kicks him down a hole.  

Later Leonidas goes to the top of a mountain where "The Oracle" is. At the top, he meets a group of old...whatever they are, and tells them his battle plan. They ask the oracle, which is some magical being that takes it's form as any beautiful Spartan woman. This being can tell a prophecy. The prophecy is that Sparta shouldn't go to war because it will fall. 

Leonidas still wants to go to war with Persia, but he doesn't go against the oracle by getting an army. Instead, he gets 300 men that will fight with him. They are trained very well and are taken to battle with just 300 of them. 

They seem to have such a great battle plan that they can defeat large armies with only 300. All Leonidas has to do is prove to Persia that their king is not a god. 


This movie definitely deserved it's good reviews. With the main character played by Gerard Butler, and supported by Michael Fassbender, it stands out. It's also known for it's line that was mentioned earlier, "This is Sparta!" Not only does it have it's share of blood and gore, it uses it for effect. You can tell that the director didn't need to use that much blood, but he did to get the message that Spartans are savages and are made out of violence. 

300 is recommended to anyone who is a fan of war movies.

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