Published Dec. 22, 2019

5 Very Bloody Movies
5. Natural Born Killers

Rating: R

Year: 1994

Run time: 1h 58m 


Rotten Tomatoes: 47% 

Audience Score: 81%

If you haven't read the other list on this website, Top 10 Movies About The Villain, then you should read it and you will understand what we mean about the style of this movie. 

The movie's camera is all over the place with shots and textures, but that doesn't hide the blood in it. The difference between Natural Born Killers and the other moves on this list is that this is not a splatter type of movie. It shows the blood on the walls and clothes.

This movie is definitely violent and covered in blood.

4. Rambo

Rating: R

Year: 2008

Run time: 1h 32m


Rotten Tomatoes: 38%

Audience Score: 69%

Hag on, why is this 2008? Isn't Rambo from the 80's? That's where you are mistaken. This is the fourth movie in the series. The first movie is called First Blood, the second is Rambo: First Blood Part II, the third is Rambo III, and the fourth is Rambo. Yeah, pretty confusing. 

This one is about John Rambo, played by Sylvester Stallone, in Thailand during a nearby war. A woman, her husband, and other people need a boat to get towards the war to help the suffering.

John refuses at first, but eventually agrees to get them there. They get in trouble by being captured, as every one of us expected. 

Now Rambo has to go on another adventure to save her. 

This is a very violent and bloody movie. The camera doesn't shy away from any of the kills. Everything is in very graphic detail. Unlike Natural Born Killers, this movie does have a lot of blood splatter. If you like gory movies, you'll like the part where Rambo absolutely demolishes a small army of soldiers with a machine gun.

3. The Evil Dead

Rating: R

Year: 1981

Run time: 1h 25m


Rotten Tomatoes: 95%

Audience Score: 84%

You might be asking a few questions right now if you looked at the movie information. "Why did you put the rating as R if the internet says that it is NC-17?" The answer is that if you look anywhere, you will probably not find an NC-17 version. "Why did you put the run time as 1h 25m if the internet says that it's 1h 57m?" At this point, why are you trusting the internet? The movie is 1h 25m, trust this article. Please. It needs some more views. Look at the counter on the bottom. 

Anyway, some idiot friends go to a cabin, find a book, and summon evil demons that love brutally torturing people. Sounds like a great movie doesn't it? Didn't think so. 

2. Hostel

Rating: R

Year: 2006

Run time: 1h 34m


Rotten Tomatoes: 61%

Audience Score: 53%

If you want to read a more dramatic way of why you shouldn't watch this movie, read Top 10 Movies You Shouldn't Watch With Your Parents. 

Two friends are on a vacation in Europe. When they get to Amsterdam, they go into a hostel and they have the time of their life. hooker shows up and leads them to a creepy building full of torture chambers. 

Bloody, brutal, disgusting, and other violent adjectives are basically what describes this movie. If you've seen it before, then you will probably leave this website because you are now reminded of the eye scene...disgusting. 

If you don't know what scene that is...they do, save yourself from being scarred. 

1. Terrifier

Rating: R

Year: 2016

Run time: 1h 26m 


Rotten Tomatoes: 67%

Audience Score: 54%

If you don't like horror or blood...DO NOT WATCH THIS MOVIE. 

This is about two teenage girls being chased by a man in a clown costume named Art on Halloween night. (It makes it a little more scary if you don't know who plays the clown). Forget the plot, let's get to the blood.

Look at Art in the pictures above. Scared? Look again. Scared yet? Oh, your not? Too easy? Watch the movie. Yeah, that's what we thought.

The one way to explain this movie is to think of It (2017). But it has about 100 more gallons of blood. After watching this, you will be saying, "How did I find this? What am I doing here? Who would make this?"

It may be difficult to say which is more bloody, Hostel or Terrifier? But for this list, it's Terrifier. 


Also, you're not going to read what happens in the movie in this article, just to keep you in suspense.


On the bright side, it has a pretty cool theme song.

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