Published Dec. 14, 2019

Rating: R

Year: 2003

Run time: 1h 25m


Rotten Tomatoes: 75%

Audience Score: 60%

Nobody knows where that quote came from on the picture above. It says that the movie provided laughs? You won't find laughs in this movie, sorry.

When someone in your family during December says, "Let's watch a Christmas movie." You could say, Dead End because it counts. 

Every year, the Harrington family drives to their grandparents for Christmas. This year the father, Frank, played by Ray Wise, decided to take what he thought was a short-cut. They find that the road is abandoned and isolated. 

Later, they find a sign that says, "Marcott" on it. They drive for hours, but never reach Marcott before they come across another sign that also points to Marcott. 

There's another problem on their road trip, they find a woman and her baby on the side of the road. They pick her up and stop at a small cabin. The lady gets away, so they keep moving. Nobody knows who the lady is, but the family is killed one by one by a mysterious man in a car. That's all that will be said. 

Sounds random and all over the place, because that's what it is. The first half of the movie will make you think, "Why am I watching this?" At first, it's just a low budget horror movie. Just stop checking the run time every ten seconds and try to watch it, it will start to make more sense. It's almost guaranteed that you won't know what's happening to these people, and that's why they figure it out for you so you can wonder how they get out, or if they get out.

Recommended to anyone that likes thrillers.

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