Published Nov. 29, 2019

Rating: R 

Year: 2009

Run time: 1h 48m


Rotten Tomatoes: 28%

Audience Score: 49%

In the movie, Pandorum is a psychological disorder from intense trauma. It causes the person to hallucinations, confusion and go insane. It seems similar to schizophrenia. 

Earth is running low on resources, so a space mission carries a few thousand people to explore a new planet. They are all put into hyper sleep. 

The movie starts out with a small crew listening to the last message from earth saying, "you are the last of us." 

Payton, played by Dennis Quaid and Bower, played by Ben Foster, both wake up not knowing what happened. They don't really have any memory at all. They woke up after sleeping for 8 years. 

Bower thinks that it's a good idea to get to the reactor to start up the ship again. It will be an easy mission because the ship is abandoned. Well, it turns out it isn't, and it hasn't been for years. 


Let's face it, the story sounds terrible. It sounds like every other random space movie. On the bright side, it turned out better than you would think, but that's not saying much. This movie wasn't that good. That's all there is to say. 

Recommended for anyone who has nothing else to watch on demand. 

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