Published Dec, 23, 2019

Rating: PG

Year: 1986

Run time: 1h 38m

Fantasy, Comedy

Rotten Tomatoes: 58%

Audience Score: 67%

If you watch this movie today in the 21st century, then you would probably think that this robot looks very familiar. Then it hits you, "this looks like Wall-E!" Hold on there Pixar fans, Wall-E came out in 2008, so that means that Wall-E looks a lot like the robot in Short Circuit. 

You know what, forget it, this robot looks like Wall-E.

A genius engineer named Newton Crosby, played by Steve Guttenberg, creates robots for a living. He ends up making the mos efficient war robots on the planet, capable of mass destruction. Not the first thing you would think of when you see the robot above. 

Anyway, on robot named Number 5 is connected to a generator outside when lightning strikes the power lines and fries the robot. 

The movie could of ended it there, but that wouldn't make a very long story, so the robot is apparently still alive. You are all saying on the other side of the screen, "Did you really write alive while referring to a robot? You can do better than that. I'm getting off of this website." Wait...wait, hang on there. The robot is actually alive. "Wait, the robot is heard that one before." Yeah, you definitely did.

Number 5 goes to some lady named Stephanie's house, played by Ally Sheedy. She actually cares about him. The technology company is chasing the robot, and Stephanie is protecting him. You can probably guess the rest. That's all that will be said. 

Yes, the movie can be predictable. After watching this, you can tell that this is one of those movies you watched many years ago and only remember that one scene from it. It's good, but not that good. If asked, "How was Short Circuit?" the answer is "It was good" without any emotion. Either way, some people might like it, so it's...

Recommended to anyone that likes child-friendly robot movies.

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