Published Dec. 23, 2019

Rating: R

Year: 2015

Run time: 1h 41m


Rotten Tomatoes: 67%

Audience Score: 61%

There's nothing like denying to watch a family-friendly Christmas movie on Christmas Eve to watch a rated R Seth Rogen movie. It might not be the most popular of its kind, but it does have quite a cast. You can clearly see the three main characters in the picture, Seth Rogen, Anthony Mackie and Joseph Gordon-Levitt. You might be saying, "Wait, I know Seth Rogen from Pineapple Express and The 40-Year-Old Virgin. I know that Anthony Mackie is Falcon from the Marvel movies, but who's Joseph Gordon-Levitt?" Have you seen Don Jon? No? Ummm...lets get to the plot. 

Ethan, played by the unknown Joseph Gordon-Levitt guy, starts the movie out with a tragedy. His parents died in a car crash on Christmas Eve. He is backed up by his two friends, Isaac, played by Seth Rogen, and Chris, played by Anthony Mackie. They decide to go party together every Christmas Eve just for the fun of it.

One year, while at the bar, an energetic group of people come into the bar and Ethan asks them where they were. One lady says that they were at the greatest Christmas party ever called the Nutcracker Ball, but it's secret.

Desperate to get in once in their lives, they dedicate every year to finding the party. They were never lucky until one year, Ethan is working and takes a rich man's coat to hang up. He finds three tickets to the Nutcracker Ball in one of the pockets and steals them. There are surprisingly many things that go wrong trying to get to the greatest party on earth. That's all that will be said. 

This is a pretty good movie for the holidays. The characters are well presented, there was a good cast and the movie looked pretty expensive, but there's one thing wrong here. The movie is funny, but not that funny. It seems to be one of those movies that doesn't rely on jokes as much as situations. You know those movies that put the characters in such an awkward position that you squirm in your seat even if you're watching alone? Yeah, it's one of those. If that kind of movie is funny to you, then go right ahead, you'll love it. 

Tracy Morgan, Miley Cyrus and James Franco also make brief appearances. 

Recommended to anyone that likes Seth Rogen comedies. 

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